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Launching an app can be very amazing milestone for any entrepreneur or a company but getting users fo the app is always a challenge for biggest startups and companies and retaining them for long term. Thats where app marketing comes into picture, if your target audience, demographics, creatives and the strategy is not properly planned out you can not only loose huge amount of marketing busget but also could get a false idea that your app is not working in the current market, which could ultimately lead to scraping of the entire project and closing doen the company

What makes App marketing different from Website Marketing?

You should never think that app marketing is same as the website marketing, website the retention in most cases is short lived and basically you have to spend heavily in the remarketing. 

But in most cases of App marketing, once the user is acquired the retention time is much higher than a website because the app basically sits on their mobile device. This also makes creating an app a very popular choice among interenet entreprenurs

Also the marketing scenario is completely different in case of an app according to statistics there are 3 million apps on play store and 3 billion websites. So comparitively it is easier to market for an app than a website but getting the right user is where the success of a app lies in

The strategies are completely different than a website marketing and that’s why hiring a app marketing expert agency is better than just hiring a website marketing or a general marketing agency

What Paid Traffic sources we master in app marketing

  1. Google ads (Play store, Other app ads and Youtube ads)
  2. Facebook Marketing (Instagram, AUdience network, Instagram)
  3. Unity Ads
  4. Taboola Ads
  5. Applovin
  6. ChartBOOST
  7. Twitter

App Store optimization (Organic)

As described above the competition in App Market is comparitively lesser than website but that does not mean than we should not work on the discoverability of our app. Who doesn’t want free downloads right?

And it has been verified from multiple sources that when person downloads the app after searching for it is bound to retain for longer duration than if it was done through a paid marketing channel

ASO should be done with the first step of selecting tand researching the keywords carefully that the app can be ranked, not all keywords may be optimal for your app so it should be selected according to how many downloads your app is having and how much discoverability yo require in the start.

And a carfully crafted description based on these keywords helps in ranking the app faster than before

App Paid Marketing

App Paid Marketing

After launching the app there is a necessity to do a paid promotion using paid marketing channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other popular in app ads marketing channels such as Unity, InMobi.

At start the app does not have good visibility at App Market because os low downloads, ratings and reviews. And also to increase the affect of ASO you seriously need to focus on the paid marketing channels. This is required to increase your brand visibility as well as more targeted user acquiring

Having marketed over 150 Apps and Games we can say that targeting is the most important in order to improve your retention and purchases


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