Pay Per Click Marketing Service


When your business need more intent focused marketing then PPC marketing is the best bet for the most ROI. Its more suitable for niche businesses that cannot be targeted on social media accurately expecially b2b businesses are mostly dependent on PPC marketing.

For eg. You are selling machinery, Digital services or a SaaS software for businesses then PPC marketing is the only way to bring in the best results when compared to other marketing channels.

PPC marketing is good for consumer products and services as well. The best thing about the PPC marketing is that there is a clear intent in the mind of a potential customer

Why PPC can be better than Display Advertising is some cases

In social media marketing or Display advertising the potential customers has to start with the first stage of the funnel whcih is Awareness stage, as well as we are completely dependent on the platform for targeting the customers based on the data as well as it requires a  lot of budget to be spent on leaning the campaign for best performance.

Whereas in case of PPC marketing the customers start from the consideration stage as they require that product or service so they search on google or bing.

On top of that most potential customers are not aware that they are clicking on an ad as the ads blend in the search results perfectly.

Some products or services are so niche that social media marketing is bound to fail on that. But that doesnt mean you should completely eleiminate the option social media marketing or Display advertising

Keyword Research Strategy

Keyword Research Strategy and Bidding

When creating the campaign we need to make sure we target all necessary keywords and bid appropriately to get ahead of the competitors as well as get a better ctr.

When researching keywords we make a extensive keywords report and send it to client to know about what keywords we are targeting their ad on.

Also it is best practice if we create seperate ad groups that direct to different pages for specific set of key words

Keyword research is the most important aspect of ppc marketing

Case Studies



Our client Growhub saw a 3x increase in revenue and overall 5x Return on Ad spend after we optimized their Search and Shopping campaigns with precision targeting. Growhub saw an increase in profits which inturn helped them to scale their campaigns even more.

We target specific keywords that has a high ctr and do careful analyzation of volume, ctr and create customized adgroups for higher engagement and conversion rates

Advanced bidding targeting to help optimzer the ad group to keyword specific bidding optimization. We make sure the costs are justifiable when compared to the return. 

Keyword Research for Google ads

Multiple ad groups creation based on specific keywords for more relevent ads targeted to intent based customers. We take the perfect balance between Search Volume and Bidding cost to make sure you get highest return on Ad spend

Macoma Tech

3d Printing On Demand Service Business In Dubai

We have helped them in increasing their leads on their website and they have received more calls than before

If your business is B2B and wants to get more leads we will help you with setting up the optimal ad campaign that will help you drive more revenue and ultimately profits

Keyword Planning

As it was a B2B business we had to choose the keywords that could bring the highest ctr and hence instead of going for broad match we focused more on phrase match with more targeted leads and with careful execution on negative keywords as well. As we went ahead we optimized their budget and campaign which in  turn increased their lead convesion rate faster

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