White label ppc services

White Label PPC Services

White label PPC (Pay-Per-Click) services provide a seamless extension to agencies that want to offer PPC services to their clients without handling the campaigns themselves. By partnering with a white label provider, agencies can deliver expert-level PPC services under their own brand name, allowing them to focus on client relationships and business growth while the technical and strategic aspects are managed by experienced PPC specialists.

  • Scalability: Agencies can scale their offerings without the need to hire additional staff or invest in further training.
  • Expertise: Clients benefit from specialized PPC expertise that might not be available in-house.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: White label services often come at a lower cost than developing an in-house team, allowing for better pricing flexibility and profit margins.

Campaign Setup and Management

White label PPC agencies handle all aspects of PPC campaign setup, from keyword research and selection to ad copywriting and bidding strategies.

Ad Copy Creation

Crafting compelling ad copy is crucial for the success of any PPC campaign. White label providers employ experienced copywriters who create high-converting ads

Keywords Research

Using advanced tools and industry expertise, these agencies conduct thorough keyword research to identify high-value keywords that drive traffic and conversions

Geo-Targeting and Localization

White label PPC services include location-specific targeting to reach potential customers in precise geographic areas.

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Benefits of Using White Label PPC Services

White label PPC services allow marketing agencies to offer expert PPC management without the overhead of building and maintaining a specialized team. This partnership enables agencies to focus on their core competencies and client relationships, fostering growth and enhancing their service offerings.

  • Faster Time to Market: Agencies can quickly roll out PPC services to their clients without the usual delays associated with hiring and training new staff. This rapid deployment capability can be a significant competitive advantage, allowing agencies to respond swiftly to market demands and client requests.
  • Access to Advanced Technology: White label PPC providers typically utilize the latest technology and software for campaign management, including AI-driven analytics and automation tools. Partnering with these providers gives agencies access to these advanced technologies without the need for significant upfront investment.
  • Reduced Risk: By outsourcing PPC management to a trusted white label provider, agencies reduce the risk associated with campaign failures or suboptimal performance. The expertise and experience of the white label provider act as safeguards against common pitfalls in PPC campaign management.
  • Focus on Core Business Functions: Agencies can concentrate on their core competencies such as client acquisition, brand building, and strategic growth initiatives. This focus can lead to better overall performance of the agency and higher client satisfaction.
  • Seamless Integration with Other Services: White label PPC services can be easily integrated with other digital marketing services offered by the agency, such as SEO, social media marketing, and content marketing. This integrated approach can provide a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to clients, enhancing the value provided by the agency.
  • Customization and Flexibility: White label providers often offer flexible solutions that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of different clients. This customization capability enables agencies to offer personalized solutions that precisely match their clients’ objectives and budgets.
  • Enhanced Client Retention: By delivering consistently strong PPC results, agencies can enhance client satisfaction and retention. Satisfied clients are more likely to engage in other services offered by the agency, leading to increased customer lifetime value.
  • Expert Support for Complex Campaigns: White label PPC providers typically have experience across a diverse range of industries and campaign types. This broad expertise can be invaluable when agencies encounter complex or challenging campaigns that require specialized knowledge.
  • Cost Control and Predictability: Partnering with a white label provider helps agencies control costs and predict expenses more accurately. Pricing structures for white label services are typically clear and predictable, which aids in budgeting and financial planning.
  • Professional Development for In-house Teams: Working alongside expert white label providers can be a learning opportunity for an agency’s in-house team. Exposure to expert tactics and strategies in PPC can enhance the skills of the agency’s own staff, potentially reducing reliance on external providers over time.
Amazing Pricing Plan

Affordable Pricing Packages

Basic Plan

5 Services Included

$ 300 Per Month
  • This Plan Included :
  • Keywords Research
  • Upto 5 campaigns creation and management
  • Weekly calls
  • Display campaigns creation
  • Search campaigns creation
  • 15 ad graphics
  • High converting ad copies
  • Managing upto 10k USD Budget per month

standard Plan

7 Services Included

$ 500 Per Month
  • This Plan Included :
  • Keywords Research​
  • Upto 5 campaigns creation and management​
  • Weekly calls​
  • Display campaigns creation​
  • Search campaigns creation​
  • 50 ad graphics​
  • Ecommerce campaign management
  • Performance Max campaign
  • Managing upto 30k usd per month
  • high converting ad copies
  • weekly twice calls
Best Package


7 Services Included

$ GET QUOTE Per Month
  • This Plan Included :
  • Premium Quality Supports (24/7)
  • IT Consultations (Business Growth)
  • Web Design & Development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO )
  • User & Market Research
  • UX/UI Strategy (Design & Develop)
  • Product Engineering
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It was awesome and easy to work with this seller. If you're looking to hire a marketer for your app, this is your guy. His reply times were super fast, he was very knowledgeable and professional with his account access, and he was very understanding of my apps needs.


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He has done amazing work for the company. Our company needed consultancy and he did amazing job


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Great seller, goes above and beyond. If you need help with anything Google - definitely use this

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